LesIlluminations is an instrumental ensemble founded in 2015 by graduates of the Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP). 
The ensemble takes its name from a collection of poems by Rimbaud, set to music by Benjamin Britten, a decision which points to the desire to combine the two art forms. 

LesIlluminations is an artistic project that came of age in 2021 under the leadership of Aurélie Allexandre d’Albronn, who redefined it by deepening its relationship with different concert formats and a multifaceted repertoire.

LesIlluminations provides a space that nurtures the aspirations of its musicians, ambassadors of heritage repertoires with a strong creative approach to music, literature and poetry.

LesIlluminations is committed to a quest for meaning, based on close communion with the audience, a shared experience that takes them down paths with a reputation for being impenetrable. Which means being warmly thanked for having played Boulez.

LesIlluminations, therefore, represents a world with close ties to the creation of contemporary music, the ambition being to commission a series of works, a collection of concertante pieces for solo cello and ensemble.

LesIlluminations, is, last but not least, an ensemble turned towards other people. Carefully tailored workshops are a central part of our mission, driven by the desire to transmit our passion.

Our workshops make use of third-party venues where we organise activities for all ages, in long-term partnerships with institutions and « artist-teachers ». Because we believe that sharing a piece of music means giving others the chance to listen to it and interpret it, to access its true meaning and to explore it together, using real tools acquired over time.  

Our workshops create opportunities for exchange, developed by educational specialists and in unique formats, while taking steps to reach out to the public. Because we believe that sharing a work of art means revealing to the public its own creativity and, in doing so, inviting the artist to re-examine his or her own work.


Le Jardin d’Afrique
by Benjamin Attahir

Le Jardin d’Afrique, lieu-dit pour un non-dit, chamber opera for three singers and nine instrumentalists.
Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing, Autumn 2024

based on « Le Jardin d’Afrique » by Isabelle Junca and Aurélie Allexandre d’Albronn edited by Al Manar.

A project co-produced by the Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing

Extract, Calligraphier un lieu-dit (« A Place Captured in Calligraphy ») :
Le Jardin d’Afrique
June 2022, Institut du Monde Arabe

et Aurélie ALLEXANDRE D’ALBRONN, cellos

Raquel CAMARINHA, soprano

Le Carnaval de Toumaï

Do we know who we are before we cross paths with the Other? After a chance meeting with a cello, a violin and an accordion, Toumaï, who’s never been able to see beyond the boundaries of his world, is about to find out.  

  • Isabelle JUNCA, author
  • Pascal ZAVARO, original composition
  • Coralie SALONNE, stage adaptation, direction and interventions

Autour de Messagesquisse

The ensemble Les Illuminations brings together 8 cellos in this exciting and challenging programme, from Bach to Boulez including Pärt, Debussy, Barber and Villa-Lobos.  
– Summer 2022, Saint-Céré Festival 

Aurélie ALLEXANDRE D’ALBRONN, solo cello

Renaud GUIEU, Justine METRAL, Hanna SALZENSTEIN, Anthony KONDO, Adrien BELLOM, Raphäel GINZBURG, Irène JOLYS, cellos

Avec Othman LOUATI, conductor (Boulez)
Et Iryna KYSHLIARUK, soprano (Villa-Lobos)


Live : Liberté de Francis Poulenc

Live : Bachianas Brasilieras n°5 
d’Heitor Villa-Lobos

Podcast : Génération France Musique
émission du 07.01.2023


The aim of our project is to commission a collection of pieces for cello concertante and ensemble, by a variety of European composers, in this mise-en-abime of Boulez’s sound-world.

Messagesquisse by Pierre BOULEZ, recorded and filmed in March 2023 :

an original work by Othman Louati

Co-produced with France Musique and broadcast during the programme Création Mondiale.


Autumn 2024

Le Jardin d’Afrique,
lieu-dit pour un non-dit

Chamber opera by Benjamin ATTAHIR
Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing / Théâtre Raymond Devos


14 May 2024

Le Carnaval de Toumaï

An original creation for your audiences
Espace Jean-Legendre / Théâtres de Compiègne

12 April 2024

Le Jardin d’Afrique,
lieu-dit pour un non-dit

Chamber opera by Benjamin ATTAHIR

End-of-residency presentation / Cité de la Voix, Vézelay


22 March 2024

Le Carnaval de Toumaï

An original creation for young audiences
Espace Jean-Legendre / Théâtres de Compiègne

23 May 2023

Le Jardin d’Afrique

World premiere of the version for three cellos and soprano at the Institut du Monde Arabe


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